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"Think Mortal Instruments, Crescent City and Zodiac Academy Merged!"


Orphan. Slave. Drug Dealer.


In an Afterworld that literally has Hell and Heaven on Earth, I am the lowest a being can be. My life is one of drudgery, degradation—and mortal danger. And that's before I started dealing Angelescence. Unlike anything in existence, it's a drug only I can produce, and everyone would kill for.With decommission and execution closing in, I'm desperate to buy out my and my best friend's Indentures. But upping my operations only gets me arrested, and my terrifying captor drags me to the Celestial Court—on a leash—to stand trial. My sentence?​


Conscription to Celestial Academy.​


As the most powerful nephilim in history, Godric is Heaven's most ruthless enforcer and assassin. Now he's not only my tormentor—he's my mentor. He's been assigned with discovering the root of my unprecedented ability to capture Angel Essence—and weaponizing it.


We both hate our forced proximity—and each other. That doesn't stop us from seething with cravings that neither ever thought to experience, and can't possibly afford. Anything between them isn't only forbidden, it's disastrous.​But being embroiled in our private war becomes the least of our worries when he unearths even more terrible mysteries within me.


Meanwhile, lethal trials loom at mid-term, and a devastating internal war as well as another Apocalypse are brewing...​


...and I am at the center of it all.​​



Are you ready for your next book addiction?​


Dive into this binge-worthy, new-adult fantasy romance brimming with unforgettable characters, soul-searing enemies-to-lovers passion, edge-of-your-seat mystery and suspense—and apocalyptic stakes.


You will never want to leave.​


Anomaly. Weapon. HIS.


After barely surviving the deadly Imperium Trials, their verdict reveals the shocking and unprecedented potential of my Unitas. But it's me they expose as something that shouldn’t exist.

The discovery is so appalling, our immortal professors decide to keep it a secret, until they figure out how to deal with the implications--and me. I'm only relieved to postpone another complication. I have enough dealing with the escalating menaces of Academy life--and with that Level-Nine Hunk of Frustration.

Godric. My former nemesis, my indispensable mentor and my one craving. The maddening Angelhole who ordered me to forget his life-changing sacrifice. And his kiss. That kiss...

So what if he thinks we are a disaster of epic proportions in the making? Or that I'm playing with a weapon of mass destruction? Now that I know he reciprocates my obsession, there’s no stopping me from trying to shatter his control, and to set the passion seething between us ablaze.

But it seems Existence itself agrees with him, as a chain reaction of traumatic events conspire to come between us. Every incident feels like a step closer to the devastating internal war he sparked on my behalf, even as a far larger threat looms ever closer.

I'm still ready to face anything as long as he and my Unitas are by my side--until a terrifying turn of events forces me into an impossible choice.

And whatever I do, I will most probably end up dooming us all.


Plunge into Wen and Godric's explosive enemies-to-lovers passion, and immerse yourself in AFTERWORLD--a world brimming with complex characters, gut-wrenching twists, immersive world-building and apocalyptic stakes.

Afterworld series, coming soon.


In the aftermath of the Noctis disaster, and after Wen's desperate gamble to stop the madness that had gripped Godric and the whole Academy backfires, horribly, her world is in shambles.

Godric is lost in the Void, where she had thrown him. Her Unitas are presumed dead, because she’d lost control over her powers. And Lucifer has escaped his exile, also as a direct result of her actions. Now she has to face the two camps forming with Celestial Academy alone—those who covet her terrible power, and those who want to end her at all costs.

Wen doesn't care which side wins. They can add fighting over her to the brewing conflicts within a darkening Afterworld, after she gets Godric back from the clutches of the Void, and puts all the terrible wrongs she set in motion right.

Welcome to the last semester of Year One at Celestial Academy.

War is coming.

This is book 3 in the Afterworld series, and publication date will be brought forward.

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