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For fans of Crescent City, Guild Hunter and Fallen Academy, Celestial Academy is your new book obsession!


Orphan. Slave. Drug Dealer.


As a Demon-Owned in an Afterworld that's Hell and Heaven on Earth, Wen White is the lowest a being can be. Her life is one of drudgery, degradation—and danger. Especially since she started dealing Angelescence, a drug only she can make. Unlike anything on Earth, everyone would kill, or die for it.


With decommission and execution closing in, she’s desperate to buy out her and her best friend’s Indentures. She ups her operations—only to be arrested by a terrifying angel, who drags her to the Celestial Court to stand trial. Her sentence?


Conscription to Celestial Academy.


As the most powerful nephilim in history, Godric is Heaven’s most ruthless soldier and assassin. And he’s been assigned with discovering the root of her unprecedented ability to capture Angel Essence.


Both hate the situation they’ve been forced into—and each other. Especially when the other provokes explosive emotions and cravings they never thought they can experience.


But getting embroiled in their private war becomes the least of their worries when he unearths even more lethal mysteries within her. Meanwhile, a devastating internal war as well as another Apocalypse are brewing...


...and Wen, with her deadly power, is at the center of it all.

Are you ready for your next book addiction?

One click right now, and dive into this binge-worthy, new-adult fantasy romance brimming with unforgettable characters, soul-searing enemies-to-lovers passion, edge-of-your-seat mystery and suspense—and apocalyptic stakes.
You will never want to leave.

Wen’s epic trials in the world of celestials and supernaturals continue in NEXUS, book 2 of 5 of the Afterworld series.

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